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Whimsical Days

Here's an actual short bio:
I am Antonia. 18 responsibility-holding student. Mostly posts about funnies and Kpop but I do fall into lapses of science and seriousness. The chances of me blogging stuff that's not Kpop is still rather low, but I like to meet new people & chat, so drop me a message. =)

NB: I may use sarcasm, so if something doesn't sound quite right, it's probably because I meant the opposite. I'm not sure if you can read deadpan... but I use that too.

Extended bio can be arranged should you care to know more. That or you could just ask.

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Shinee singing happy birthday…to themselves

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Did you know

It’s my birthday tomorrow


I spent the last hour of work being like “tomorrow, I’m gonna be 21”
“Hey Simon, do you know it’s my birthday tomorrow?”
“guess what? I’ll be 21 when I come in tomorrow”
“omg, I’m doing work on my birthday”
“Oh my days, I’m so geeky, going to a plastics recycling talk tomorrow, on my birthday”
“It’s my birthday”
“What should I take to work because it’s my birthday? I don’t have cake yet and not been to Costco to pick up stuff, I don’t know what to buy, what should I buy?”

in which zhou mi refuses to translate lies

it’s cute but it’s so robotic, it scares me T_T

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So punny.

such pun!

eunhyukee44: Tokyo Tower 

what an accurate commentary on modern society

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Enjoying the BBC Proms in HD: China Philharmonic Orchestra

guest house vintage posters: daytime vs. night time

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fan and author casually checking our each others dicks

Sorry what?

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2014 Bad Joke No. 200


Which is the funniest candy?



$uho daddy don’t fail me now

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