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I am Antonia. 18 responsibility-holding student. Mostly posts about funnies and Kpop but I do fall into lapses of science and seriousness. The chances of me blogging stuff that's not Kpop is still rather low, but I like to meet new people & chat, so drop me a message. =)

NB: I may use sarcasm, so if something doesn't sound quite right, it's probably because I meant the opposite. I'm not sure if you can read deadpan... but I use that too.

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140417 - D&E concert

</b> -about their Germany trip-<p><b>Donghae:</b> I usually go for a trip with member once a year. we can talk about stuff we couldn't talk before, and we can sort a lot of things. so that after we come back, we can work more energetically! We always have to appear together but when we go for holiday, it's really fun and a good healing for us. I was really happy during those time. not only for holiday, but it's really important to have members who can fit with us perfectly and I'm really thankful for that.<p><b></b> -the beer festival talk-<p><b>Eunhyuk:</b> We really wanted to go for the beer festival, but our flight back home was on the same day with the festival so we pleaded our manager and got our trip extended for 2 days ! there were really a lot of people on the first day of festival so we lined up and went home just like that. we were so frustrated so we decided to wake up early the next morning and be the first in line ! we finally got in after lining up for 2 hours. Ryeowook got a stye in his eye and Donghae originally doesn't drink so only me and Kyuhyun drank beer (he showed the pic of him and kyu holding the beers). both of us drank 3000cc (3 liters) beer each since morning ! I got really, really drunk after that. you know that I don't usually like raw food and seafood right ? but that day I kept telling the members "I want to eat sushiiii ♡" so we went around to find sushi restaurant. but it wasn't easy to find sushi in Germany so we bought bento at the train station and ate the side dish sushi. but I fell asleep in the middle of eating ㅋㅋㅋ beer in Germany tasted really, really good so at night, we went drinking again somewhere else. I drank 1000cc (1 liter) of beer in one go.<p><b>Donghae:</b> after that he rushed into the toilet. together with Kyu ㅋㅋㅋㅋ<p><b>Eunhyuk:</b> anyway, we don't know where we're going this year, but doing a concert in Japan seems like our own holiday ^^<p><b>Donghae:</b> we can go to a lot of places, niigata' rice is also really delicious ^^<p><b></b> cr.ebi_1015<p><b></b> trans.hyukarmpits<p>


i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps

Wow guys… just…

how to love your hyung 101

Basically what happens when parents give their child a hug

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Kyuhyun, the restless troll.

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…so what does that make sehun and chanyeol? (¬‿¬)

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Things I love about Taekey: When they dance together


um, you are my obsession?

this is why I love AJ. he expresses his thoughts sincerely and doesn’t care what others standing beside him and feeling somewhat ashamed might think. if he sees beauty, he says so.

I feel like as he was talking, he was discovering the beauty of Kiseop. His words, so genuine. And yeah, I felt like Eli.

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when something happens in your fandom but none of your friends are in it 


this is my whole life.

This. A thousand times this.

I cry because it’s so true Q_Q

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EXO-M Official ‘Overdose’ Teaser Image


EXO-K Official ‘Overdose’ Teaser Image

while everybody’s turning to left, krisoo does the opposite

while everybody’s turning to left, krisoo does the opposite

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IDGAF what you say…my cat has the best Overdose reaction picture:


Eh ? Eh ? Eh ?

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