Whimsical Days

Whimsical Days

Here's an actual short bio:
I am Antonia. 18 responsibility-holding student. Mostly posts about funnies and Kpop but I do fall into lapses of science and seriousness. The chances of me blogging stuff that's not Kpop is still rather low, but I like to meet new people & chat, so drop me a message. =)

NB: I may use sarcasm, so if something doesn't sound quite right, it's probably because I meant the opposite. I'm not sure if you can read deadpan... but I use that too.

Extended bio can be arranged should you care to know more. That or you could just ask.

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Wu Yi Fan - Harper’s Bazaar


My style isn’t even my style, I cant afford my actual style


i hate when i’m too comfortable around someone because then my brain thinks its ok to act weird but even then i end up being too weird

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Found the yeti


I managed to leave without crying. That seems like a rare event to note. I was very close for parts of the day, seemingly random times too. But still, I managed to leave the office without shedding a tear.

I think I’ll email my former lab manager that I’m a cold-hearted professional now… She wanted to toughen me up lol.

In other news, Si told me in the morning that I’m dead to him. Hah!

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Sounds great, sign me up!

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23rd June

Three months ago, I started my “first real” job as an engineer and now, I’m here writing my thank you notes, wondering where the time had gone and what have I to say. There isn’t much I can say that I didn’t learn from them about being in a lab or for conducting analysis.
I remember thinking how glad I was to have something to do over the summer and how exciting my role is. Now it’s how regretful it is to not see the project to the end and that I can’t stay on because I need to study.
I think it’s important that I go back t o uni though, I still have a lot to learn and I can’t wait!
Ultimately I want to work with them all again, but I’m not the student that they want, I’m the engineer that they need.


And one for the kids (and Saber, who’s carrying across from Zero to babysit) as well

Saber Archer Lancer Rider Girlfriends

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EXO finding out they murdered someone in their sleep.  


Suho: B-but I’m a good boy.

Kai: Oh my god… that’s not blood on my hands…it’s ketchup….right? Shit.

Chanyeol: I’m going to hell.

Tao: Geez Idk why everyone is freaking out….. it’s just murder.

Luhan: Guys question. If you accidentally kill someone, you don’t have to go to…


your man when cooking:


my man when cooking:


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femalespock stardust1019 How many times can you say that in a row? :S

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